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  • Drennan Supplex 100m Mono

    Supplex mono has a low diameter, with an exceptionally high knot strength. It is tough and long life abrasion resistant making it ideal for float or feeder work. Learn More

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    Guru Pulse Line is a premium quality monofilament main line with exceptionally low diameter for its breaking strain, great abrasion resistance and low stretch. It Learn More

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    Going by the way that Guru revolutionise various items of fishing tackle, this Guru Pulse8 Braid is going to take the long distance feeder market by storm!! Braid has long been recognised as the preferred choice for long distance work, but previous makes have not always fulfilled all requirements. This is going to be the one!! Available on 150m spools, the Pulse8 braid is a new eight-carrier braided main line designed to offer the best possible casting performance. Most standard braids use four woven strands to create a main line, whereas Pulse8 uses eight to create a smooth finish that adds yards to the cast and rarely tangles. Perfect for feeder or bomb fishing at any range, Pulse8 offers a direct contact between angler and rig, making bites easy to detect and hit. The dark tint also aids camouflage in clear water. Quite simply, it Learn More

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