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  • Guru Gpc Pellet Cones

    Pellet Cones are the ultimate way to present a small compact pile of feed around your hookbait. This tangle free presentation is ideal for use with small softened feed pellets (1mm to 3mm in size) as well as groundbait and can be used for fishing at any range. Attach your hooklength to a Guru Micro Lead Clip and Size 11 Snap Link & Swivel for a speedy and safe set up. Push one of these cones into a bait box full of softened pellets and you can make a nice cluster of bait that can be threaded onto the hook link and cast out. Once on the lakebed, the pellets drop away from the hook link, depositing a mouthful of bait right where you want it, around the hook bait. Learn More


    The ultimate in rig safety! Guru`s Micro Lead Clip allows the safe, anti-tangle set up of straight lead rigs and feeders. Quantity: - 10 Micro lead clips including swivels & tail rubbers per packet. Learn More


    The Pear Leads have a slightly sleeker profile than the Square Leads. They still retaining the ability to hold on marginal or island slopes yet they Learn More

    Starting at: £2.25


    This clever product is the brainchild of Guru-backed matchman Paul Holland. He Learn More

  • Guru Grb Rig Box

    A few anglers maybe familiar with this idea, most sea anglers will be, but its also just starting the catch on in coarse and match fishing; that is the idea of storing your hook lengths and rigs on soft foam winders. This concept can allow you to store many rigs on one cylindrical device, it also allows for any length of rig to be stored. Simply hook your hook into the foam and start winding the hook length round, when you come to your end loop or swivel you can use this to attach another hook length and repeat the process as many times as you wish. The Guru Hook Length box comes complete with ten winders, all packed neatly in a hard robust carry case. The case has a neat clip, hinges, and an overhanging lid, meaning no water can get it, if left out in the rain on your side tray! The whole system is finished with Guru logo Learn More


    Our Super-Fine Baiting needles have been designed to cause the absolute minimum damage to delicate hook baits when hair rigging. This is possible thanks to the fine, stainless steel needle, which, which has a recessed barb and tapered point. The flared handle allows you to exert enough pressure to penetrate harder baits without slipping. (1 Votes) Match Fishing Magazine - 05/11/2010 - 22:31 These ergonomically designed baiting needles have different points to make their respective jobs easier. The Super Fine Baiting Needle has a needle point with concealed barb and is designed for attaching baits to hair rigs. The Speedmesh Needle has a gate-latch point and is best used to thread rigs through PVA bags or sticks. Learn More

  • Guru Gsms Speedmesh Pva System

    This superfast melting PVA system is ready to use straight from the packet. The PVA has been chosen because it melts faster than anything else on the market, delivering a cluster of bait tight around your hook bait almost as soon as it hits the deck. The PVA mesh stocking is supplied on a purposedesigned loader with a scoop at the end for easy bag construction. A plunger is included in the pack to allow you to compress each and every bag perfectly, ensuring that they explode as soon as they hit the lakebed. The system is supplied in a waterproof tube that Learn More


    We can say without the slightest hint of hype that the new Specialist Gripper Feeders are the best river feeders available. Literally hundreds of hours of research, design and testing has gone into these beautiful feeders, and the list of attributes bears this out. Let Learn More

    Starting at: £2.45


    The new Guru bait drill has been designed to make drilling hard baits, like pellets and tough boilies, child Learn More


    GURU QUICK CHANGE RUNNING RIGS The quick change running rig offers fast and easy attachment to allow you to alternate feeders and leads while fishing. The 4mm bead protects the knot and stops large eye swivels sliding down over your hooklength. Plus the large eye means that in the event of the main line breaking , the feeder or lead will fall off the line easily The running-rig system contains a Size 11 Rig System Swivel, a buffer bead and a Quick-Change Size 11 Large Eye swivel. The large eye causes minimal resistance to a taking fish, which has been proven to fool more pressured fish that are used to bolt rigs. The quick-change link allows you to change from bomb to feeder, or go up and down in weight in the blink of an eye. There are ten systems per pack, which offers great value. Learn More

Items 11 to 20 of 24 total

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