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  • Guru Grc Rig Case

    The Rig Case is the latest brand-new release to roll off the red-hot Guru production line and it Learn More

  • Guru Grcl Rig Case

    Guru Rig Case Long Brand New For 2015. Will be one of, if not the biggest selling hooklength rig box of 2015. The case features a unique magnetic fastening system, which ensures that your carefully tied rigs are protected when in transit. In fact, the case has been designed to be totally water resistant by including a rubber seal on in the top lip of the case that is inserted to receive the internal raised lip of the lower section when closed. This creates a water tight seal, which will keep the British weather at bay while you Learn More


    We can say without the slightest hint of hype that the new Specialist Gripper Feeders are the best river feeders available. Literally hundreds of hours of research, design and testing has gone into these beautiful feeders, and the list of attributes bears this out. Let Learn More

    Starting at: £2.45


    Based on the same cutting-edge technology that has made the range of Hybrid feeders a huge hit this summer, the new 24g model boasts a super compact design with the weight built into the body of the feeder, allowing excellent casting and hooking properties. Learn More


    This super-fine bore silicone is just the job for tweaking your hair rig presentation. The 0.3mm bore is fine enough to ensure that it grips the shank of hooks as small as size 20. Adam Rooney rarely casts out without some silicone trapping the hair to the shank of his QM1 or MWG hooks. Learn More


    A super fast melt PVA refill mesh designed to be used with a vast array of baits. Load this mesh onto the purposely designed scoop tube in the Guru PVA system for optimum performance and ease of use. Designed to melt faster than other PVA mesh products available These 5m refills are supplied on compact spools so that they don Learn More


    Roll-proof inline leads that can be fished with a standard rubber insert, or with the clever Guru X-Safe elasticated system. The inlines are perfect for use with a host of tactics, but take conventional bomb and pellet fishing to the next level. They offer better hooking potential than swivel leads, and especially when teamed up with the X-Safe stems, fly extremely straight and true. There are four leads in the range, 0.75oz, 1.1oz, 1.5oz and 2oz and they are supplied two per pack. Learn More

    Starting at: £2.85

  • Guru Punch Box

    Guru are pleased to announce the launch of a product that Learn More

  • £6.99

  • Guru Gpc Pellet Cones

    Pellet Cones are the ultimate way to present a small compact pile of feed around your hookbait. This tangle free presentation is ideal for use with small softened feed pellets (1mm to 3mm in size) as well as groundbait and can be used for fishing at any range. Attach your hooklength to a Guru Micro Lead Clip and Size 11 Snap Link & Swivel for a speedy and safe set up. Push one of these cones into a bait box full of softened pellets and you can make a nice cluster of bait that can be threaded onto the hook link and cast out. Once on the lakebed, the pellets drop away from the hook link, depositing a mouthful of bait right where you want it, around the hook bait. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 24 total

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