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    This pack includes one Soft Pot of each size. Please note that the lids shown are not included. The new Frenzee Soft Pots come in three different sizes. They are different to other commercially designed pots as they are built around a rubber compound. It Learn More

    Starting at: £5.69

  • Drennan Slick Lubricant

    Drennan Polemaster pole elastic and bungee lubricant. Spray direct on pole elastic or bungee or down inside the pole tip. Slick lubricant has been sepecfically designed to lubricate latex cord or tube and to adhere to its surface in water. The fluid provides a micro film which literally makes the latex feel polished and slick. This smooths the action of the pole elastic as it stretches and recovers but does not build up a deposit inside the pole or leave a sticky residue. This fluid can be adversely affected by temperatures below freezing. Learn More

  • Drennan Pole Pots

    The Drennan pole pots are the best balanced, most efficient interchangeable cupping system wich is tough, rigid and lightweight Learn More

  • Drennan In-Line Olivettes

    Available in 23 different sizes Cannot be inter-changed Perfect for permanent rigs Better suited for playing big fish Finished in an unobtrusive camo olive/bronze Each individual olivette is size engraved Complete with soft silicone tube Learn More

    Starting at: £1.99

  • Maver J407 Pole Bung Extractor Rod

    Extractor rod for the range of Maver Pole Bungs. Learn More


    After the gargantuan success of the Soft Pot, Frenzee have now ticked yet another box with the launch of its Soft Paste Pot. Built around the same design as the Soft Pot, the Paste Pot is slightly wider, deeper and comes as a pack of 2, each having different bore sizes for fitting wider diameters of pole tip section. With ease of shipping in mind these pots have been designed to be placed up and as far back as the join from your power number 1 to your number 2 section, should you wish to do so. A brilliant product designed for a brilliant method. Learn More

  • Drennan Carp Bungee

    Available in five sizes and Power Bungee, 3mtrs per pack which also includes one bungee bush. Learn More

    Starting at: £2.35

  • Maver J675 - Pole Cup Set (x3)

    A set of pole pots manufactured from strong yet lightweight plastic. Supplied with two adaptor sleeves with brass threads, one with standard bore and one with large bore. 3 pots per pack, small (100ml), medium (150ml) and large (250ml). Learn More

8 Item(s)

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